What We Have To Offer

Kerrison Fitness has a proud background story which has come all the way from pushing the limits of the human body through an elite boxing career to sharing the successful, healthy and sustainable parts of that story with clients to guide them towards their vision of a better lifestyle, positive body image and healthy mindset. Through the Kerrison Fitness Online Centre, our community is able to benefit from unlimited access to the Member’s Area which will appear upon signing up. The Member’s Area is an ever-evolving base for our services which currently include the following banners:

We upload workout videos multiple times per week, offering a huge selection so that we can guarantee we have something to suit every fitness goal. Home workouts with little to no equipment, gym based session ideas, bootcamp, HIIT, BoxFit and much more!

Our nutrition section is packed full of cooking tutorials which promise to make disciplined, healthy eating exciting and flavoursome. Knowing that you’re staying dedicated to your goals in the kitchen too should never be boring!

Boxing is where it all started for Kerrison Fitness and we always remember our roots. You can take to learning a new skill, practice your form for BoxFit or maybe even begin your journey to becoming the next champion of the sport!

We understand that rest is just as important as intense training sessions and feel it is important that we offer a range of services that compliment each other so each of our members can find their balance. (Available Summer 2021).

Our lifestyle blog is full of all the information that the other categories of the Online Centre do not cover; it is constantly being updated with tips for a healthier lifestyle and facts which may surprise you. From sleep to vitamins to staying hydrated, we answer all of your burning questions in detail and offer you the chance to quiz us via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

We have a great line-up of guests ready to work with us so that you have inspiration and motivation coming at you from every direction whilst you’re training. (Available Summer 2021).

We are always available to those who are willing to put themselves out there and make positive lifestyle changes with our guidance. You can ‘Contact Us’ anytime for support with a fully qualified Personal Trainer and we encourage your feedback so that we can offer the very best version of this Online Centre, a tool which works for you. Invest in yourself and we will not let you down.

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