Racing Silverstone

With Sunday being the dedicated day of rest and family togetherness, we took to Silverstone yesterday for a sport very different to that of boxing or any other I have previously encountered. Motorsport and F1 have a massive following but one I have never truly appreciated until being behind the wheel of a single seater racing around the Stowe Circuit of the famous Silverstone. I have always acknowledged the years of dedication it takes to perfect one’s chosen art, boxing being my preferred choice, and even though sitting behind the wheel of a racecar didn’t feel quite as physically demanding, the adrenalin rush and mental focus on the circuit ensured I came out knowing I had been put through my paces. Where I am used to teaching my clients the technique of a deadlift, learning how to work the road and quickly get around corners was certainly a new experience which I can now understand why it takes as many years of practice as any other sport to perfect at a professional level – a level at which I will never compare myself to in the world of motorsport considering my one minute and eighteen second lap time on the same course that professional British racing driver Jenson Button has completed in thirty-five seconds!

Despite not worrying the big names of Formula One with my lap times, it was a fantastic experience and one that I would definitely do again. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a productive week! Onwards and upwards.

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